10 Ways a Mobile App Can Help Your Startup Business Grow

The new-age association of mobile apps and start-ups has all the potential it takes to change the way the world used to do business. No matter what size of business you run, the right mobile app can bring a change in it (which every start-up needs).

Deloitte Consumer Review stated in 2017 that the digital revolution, followed by an astonishing increase in the use of smartphones, is challenging businesses. So, if you want to surf this tide and reach the shore safely, you need to adopt this change; and Mobile App Development will take you a step ahead on this path.

Yes, businesses were doing their best, even before smartphones! And the digital advancement was so naïve that the invention of the internet was still leaving people in awe! However, digital advancement soon took speed, and before the market knew, smartphones were introduced.

However, since the entry of smartphones in the market (Statista revealed that there are over 2.17 billion smartphone users in the world), a lot of new ways became available to start-ups to grow.

If you do not believe in this fact yet, mind the truth that big IT giants like Google have also understood the significance of mobile usage and introduced mobile-first indexing paired with page speed update (for mobiles).

However, before we go ahead and understand the importance of mobile app development in context with start-ups, here are a few tips a start-up can consider before starting mobile app development.

Though mobile apps will help start-ups to grow, a start-up must know its objectives and prioritize them.

  • Pay attention to customer engagement.
  • Make sure you are providing reliable service and support.
  • Use it for promotions; the ground is all yours.
  • Online sales: One of the best ways of attracting the desired audience.

People use mobiles frequently (and easily) than computers or laptops. Mobile manufacturers even introduce different features in smartphones to attract mobile non-users (and tempt the existing user to go for more).

Most of these features are tailor-made for smartphone usage only – biometrics, AR, geo-location, cameras, etc.; you don’t get to enjoy these features on the website. Smart start-ups would surely want to tap this difference and make the best out of it.

Start-ups can consider the following ways to utilize mobile apps to their fullest.

[Infographic]10 Ways a Mobile App Can Help Your Startup Business Grow

1. Customer loyalty campaigns through mobile apps:

Start-ups can create customer loyalty programs to attract more customers. They can add value to the services you are already providing. Business is about ‘give & take’! And for this to work, start-ups need to make sure their customers are interacting with them regularly, without any restrictions.

All this would be easily possible if a start-up develops an interactive mobile app that customers or prospects could use anywhere at any time to earn those loyalty points. If they could redeem these points while availing your offerings, it is the best!

Many businesses, especially from the food and hospitality industry, are using this campaign to keep customers engaged and happy.

If you are a start-up, you can hire a professional Mobile App Development Services provider to help you build an interactive and user-friendly mobile app.

2. Data Collection and Mobile apps:

The second most important use of mobile apps for a new start-up business would be the data it will be able to collect through the mobile app.

Information like name, contact details, profession, or any other required information (depending on the offerings) could be used by the marketing and sales team to serve people with a customized approach.

An organization can create tailor-made offers for customers and make them keep coming back whenever they want through mobile apps. Start-ups have to do a little research and find a reliable mobile application development services provider to get the mobile app developed.

3. Customer relationship with attractive mobile app design:

You are not the only one in the market, serving people. The similar offerings are provided by other start-ups too (if not, soon somebody is going to) – This is the structure of today’s market.

The hustle, the speed, the competition is only growing day by day! This is not only making start-ups lose their sleep, but even customers are getting confused.

They wish they come across one company, explore its offerings, and then move to others (they do not want to get bombarded by every seller).

A smart start-up would understand that rather than annoying the prospects by using every marketing tactic, building a user-friendly mobile app with a Responsive Mobile App Design will help to stay in touch with the users.

Mobile apps will help in building healthy customer relations. A business can go for an Android Development Framework or other OS depending upon the strategies, customers, and objectives.

4. Lead generation and mobile application:

There is an application called mobile CRM, which provides access to crucial data at any time, from anywhere just at your fingertips. CRM is a great program that facilitates the management of contacts and operations.

With CRM application, you can integrate all the data you collected from a mobile app or other platforms; categorize them and use the data for lead generation.

The application helps you to accelerate success because revenue generation is hardly possible without effective sales.

5. Manage your assets by hiring a reliable mobile application development company:

Other than using mobile apps as a B2B or B2C seller, as a start-up, you need something smart and effective to take care of your business operations too. You need to manage your assets and finances.

You can build a mobile app for your internal use to manage business finances. Using a simple Android Development Framework created by any reliable mobile application development services provider would work for you. Make sure you customize it as per your needs and objectives.

6. Build a stronger brand with the help of smart mobile app:

In the end, business is done to make a profit and create a brand. In this time and age, your digital presence is directly connected to your image; it reflects your values and objectives.

So, don’t you think you need a mobile app to build the brand your way?  (answer this fast, as your competitors are already developing an app or might have developed it long ago!)

For more answers to your queries, do one thing – Hire a creative mobile app development services provider, solve your queries and then get your mobile app built (as one blog cannot answer all your questions!).

Get mobile app development done right, and it will be one of the most effective branding tools for your start-up.

Let your mobile app communicate your brand to its users; let it spread awareness; let it notify the customers of the latest happenings in the start-up, a new product launch, etc.

In case you are a vibrant start-up, which is constantly up to something, get connected with a reliable mobile app development service provider in the market, which will be there to make changes to keep your app updated and relatable frequently.

Regular interactions and engagement from your side will help to develop trust and credibility.

7. Use Mobile App Development to integrate with Social Media Platforms:

Social media platforms are almost omnipresent. No matter where you are (café, office, home, shopping malls, markets, theatre, and hotels) as long as there is an internet connection, somebody or other is using social media. Start-ups cannot overlook their existence.

A smart start-up will make sure its mobile app design includes social media links.

According to reliable data, social media platforms are offering values that are different and outside of marketing. Around 61% of companies in the market are using social media to acquire customers.

Around 40% of social media users are using it to connect with experts, peers, etc. So, inform your associated mobile app development company to integrate social media links during mobile app development.

Social media boom is a game-changing trend and is benefitting many companies, corporates, proprietors, or start-ups.

8. Mobile Apps allows you to use effective geo-targeting:

Mobile apps will help your sales and marketing team to target key consumers with geography-specific features. By integrating geo-location while conducting mobile application development will allow you to share special offers to customers who are close to your physical stores.

Such type of mobile application development (if done right by your Mobile Application Development Company) would cut you expenditures and sharpen your marketing focus; your ads/offers will reach consumers at the right time and in the right place.

9. Track Users’ interests with an effective Mobile Application:

One more interesting benefit of having a mobile app is that you can record users’ activities, their shopping interests, etc. Based on which, facilities in the app are utilized more, you can share offers, messages, suggestions or notifications to that customer

10. More Revenue Through Mobile Apps:

Last but not least is revenue. Mobile App (be it based on android development framework, or other) serves as the fitting platform for its users by helping them to understand the brand, along with the product.

If the mobile app is designed carefully; it creates a seamless interaction between users and itself, the start-up will experience a boost in the exchange rate, eventually leading to enhanced profit and goodwill.

By now, you must have understood the multidimensional benefits of mobile apps for your start-up Business.

Half of your work will be done when your objectives and strategies behind mobile app development are clear; remaining work will be the responsibility of your partnered mobile application development company.

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