Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is an HR-based version of BPO industry. Here, a company or its HR department would outsource the recruitment process for external recruitment companies. RPO companies are responsible for selecting and placing the right candidate for the client’s organization. A professional RPO services provider follows the scientific selection and screening methods. Recruitment companies help in saving time and infrastructural cost, which can be utilized for the core business and converted into profit.

Recruitment process outsourcing can be done in different ways:

Fully Outsourced:

Here, the client outsources the end-to-end process of recruitment from RPO.

RPO Project:

Here, the work is outsourced for a particular duration. Sometimes the company is receiving a big contract and needs employees for the same on an immediate basis; in such cases, company associates with recruitment process outsourcing companies for quick results. Such projects are usually used for new initiatives like a new product launch, getting a new assignment, staff expansion, or getting ready for future talent needs in the company.

On-Demand Recruitment:

As the name suggests, such RPO tasks are outsourced, keeping in mind the present need. Here, RPO company would be associated with the client till the needs get fulfilled.

RPO comes with various benefits for the company. RS Signatoure makes sure you get all those benefits and more. Here are a few of the benefits of associating with RPO companies:

Reduce HR cost:

Hiring RPO for a short or long duration would save your HR cost. RPO companies will help in reducing average cost-per-hire.

Reduction in hiring time:

As RPO companies are experienced in the given field and have massive data at disposal, they help in accelerating the recruitment process and hence, reduce the hiring time. It boosts productivity around open vacancies.

Untapped channels are in use:

Many businesses operate in a niche sector, and they are always in search of rare skill sets. RPO companies have a massive talent pool, which helps to leverage untapped sourcing channels. This is one of the crucial benefits of outsourcing RPO.

Improve scalability:

RPO companies are flexible and can respond to the organization’s changing needs and change the recruitment process and methodologies accordingly. Here businesses are allowed to flex hiring rate and number up and down.

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